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2021 Classes as of February 01, 2021 Are Virtual Classes set up on a tribe by tribe basis.

Our new Tele-training process is three days long. It will include one day of PRC/CHS operations overview, Medicare Like Rate methodologies accompanied with MLR laws and regulations, CMS information and compilations. We will be utilizing claims specific to the tribe participating in the training. This is for two purposes; one that they will be working with their own claims and learning from their own claims and secondly it will help attendees to keep caught up in their work while learning or refreshing the MLR processes.  

We have several tribes scheduled for these trainings, but want to make sure that all tribes know that we are desirous to help keep them current and not incurring liability with incorrect methodologies that may have expired or changed since the onset of the pandemic.

If your tribe is contemplating a Medicare Like Rate training please contact us at 

(208) 681-5295 for Jeff 

(208) 771-4241 for Kim

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