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"In November of 2010 we took Medicare Like Rate training from Jeffrey at Sundancer Solutions.  It was the best investment our department has made to date.  We received vital information and one on one training that has allowed us to review files and begin requesting refunds!  Our returns have more than paid for the training and we continue to save with its day to day application!  Thanks Jeffrey for all your continuing help!  We highly recommend this training for all Tribal Contract Health Services!

Thank You,

Deborah A Flett
Contract Health Coordinator
Kalispel H Tribe of Indians"
 Sundancer Solutions Testimonials
"I have appreciated and applaud your efforts to ensure that tribes' Contract Health Service (CHS) programs have accurate and comprehensive information on re-pricing claims as identified at section 506 of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA). The tribes who have successfully identified ways, either in-house or through contracts, are seeing substantial savings for the CHS programs.  These savings have allowed the IHS and tribes to provide much needed health care within Indian communities"...

Cecile Greenway, Native American Contact
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Region 10
"Two of us from Samish Contract Health attended the Sundancer Solutions training in October 2012 and it's been the most helpful and informative training to say the least.  Jeffrey is highly knowledgeable on the topic of Medicare-Like Rates for tribes and continues to be our best source of information when we have questions.  We were immediately able to put the training to use repricing the current claims we receive as well as going back on claims from 07/05/07 to ask for refunds from all the hospitals and hospital-based clinics in our 10 county CHSDA.  The savings were apparent right from the start and we've seen refunds of nearly $20,000 in the first 3 months since the training. So obviously the training has paid for itself many times over already.  We are also now able to keep our MLR claims in house rather than paying an outside company to reprice them for us (most of which we now find were repriced incorrectly away).  We highly recommend Sundancer Solutions MLR training for all tribal Contract Health departments as well as hospital billers."

Erin Soucy
Contract Health Administrator
Samish Indian Nation

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