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Sundancer Solutions offers hands-on training classes in CHS/PRC operations and MLR Repricing.  The focus is to teach Native American Tribes and their CHS/PRC Departments on where to find repricing information and how to use that information to save millions of dollars annually.*  In addition, providing guidance and techniques to improve efficiency and synergy of CHS/PRC Departments.
Sundancer Solutions Services
At Sundancer Solutions, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available Monday thru Saturday to answer any questions.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.
​Sundancer Solutions recognizes the key relationships needed to successfully navigate utilization of Medicare-Like Rates within realms of Indian Health Service, 638 contracted operations or fully owned Tribal Organizations.  Our staff is highly educated and experienced in the day to day operations of CHS/PRC, health care clinic management, MLR repricing and setting up provider networks for discounted health care services.

In addition, we assist with teaching CHS/PRC management on how to set up a Preferred Provider Network with outside health care providers while negotiating discounted rates for services provided for your patients from providers who do not choose to Opt-In through current legislation.

Sundancer Solutions will teach and assist Tribal Health Departments and CHS/PRC management in making essential changes in operational policy, procedures in the transition of becoming more proficient in claims repricing, operations and providing outstanding health care to your patients.

Sundancer Solutions has developed MLRPRODIGY software that reprices your health care claims to Medicare Like Rates.  MLRPRODIGY is a web based, HIPAA secure software that completely automates the Medicare Like Rate repricing methodology.  This software removes the worries about using the correct tables, multipliers and calculations.
*Results vary depending on the size of the CHS/PRC populace being served.
Sundancer Solutions believes that claims repricing should be done in-house at the CHS/PRC level.  However, for those seeking to do a look back/audit, Sundancer Solutions is willing to assist with claims repricing to accomplish the task so that Tribes can remain timely with current claims.
We believe in educating with experience, enlightening with understanding and empowering with knowledge.