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Are you looking for an opportunity to attend one of our exciting Medicare-Like Rate trainings? At Sundancer Solutions, we believe that one person can make a big impact. Empowered with the Medicare-Like Rate  knowledge, everyone can become a valued and passionate team-oriented person which will develop a synergistic environment where  healthcare can thrive. We value doing the job right and in a timely  fashion. We teach:  Consistency, Transparency and Continuity of Care. 

Thanks for your interest in Sundancer Solutions Medicare Like Rate or Managers Trainings.

To inquire about an event:
Event payments can be sent to:

Sundancer Solutions
P.O. Box 1297
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

2024 Calendar of Events
3 Day Event

Thank you for visiting our website. Our 2024 Medicare Like Rate classes for the immediate
future is per request basis. If you are looking for Medicare Like Rate training please feel free to reach out to Jeff at 208-681-5295 and we will see what we can put together. 

We will put together a 2024 calendar of future trainings when Kim's Acute Myeloid 
Leukemia treatment is more stabilized and her health requires less medical intervention.

On behalf of Sundancer Solutions - Jeff and Kim appreciate your patience and understanding. 

We believe in educating with experience, enlightening with understanding and empowering with knowledge.