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 About Sundancer Solutions
Sundancer Solutions is a company that was designed for and is dedicated to assist all Native American Tribes maximize the usage of health care dollars through training their CHS/PRC Departments on how to:

           * Reprice Impatient and Outpatient health care claims to Medicare Like Rates                  * Organize CHS/PRC service operations
           * Contract with providers for network discounts
           * Educate personnel  on utilization management of all health care claims
           * Develop, organize and structure the referral process
           * Filing and managing CHEF cases
           * Develop and organize CHS/PRC and Managed Care Committee operations  

Principals strive to standardize the MLR process within Indian Country through MLR Training seminars and help to empower all Native American Tribes by teaching them how to reprice health care claims within their CHS/PRC departments and retain jobs on the reservation by eliminating the middle man.

For many years principals have been directly involved in helping PL 93-638 Native American Tribes with consulting on management of CHS/PRC operations to ensure high quality patient care services for their patients. We have proven success in Medicare-Like Rate (MLR) repricing and have shown to save an estimated 40 to 60% on health care costs. We provide training and consulting on claims repricing so tribes can actualize similar savings and success.

Principals have bachelor degrees in Social Work and Business Management. Principal also holds a Master's in Health Care Administration.  Work experience for principals include Utilization Review Manager/Case Manager for Tribal CHS department, Human Resources, Auditor and various Management positions.

We believe in educating with experience, enlightening with understanding and empowering with knowledge.